Bergen County’s Prevention Hub

The Bergen County Prevention Hub is an initiative of The Center for Alcohol and Drug Resources which is a program of Children’s Aid and Family Services. Bergen County’s Prevention Hub was created in collaboration with The New Jersey Prevention Network (NJPN) to support the members of our community by providing a direct link to evidence based support services and educational programs. To be connected to a resource specialist for local resources in your area, please contact our Warm Line at 201-225-8848. Our Warm Line can be reached from Monday-Friday 9AM-4PM.

If you need resource assistance after 4PM and it is not a 911 emergency, we recommend accessing the following website:

NowPow is a great website to find several services near you.

In the event that an individual is in need of a 24/7 hotline for addiction support please contact 201-589-2976.



Happy Holidays from BCPC

While we know the most precious gifts should be delivered safe and sober, more and more people are choosing to drive drunk

Happy Holidays from BCPC

Bergen County Prevention Coalition PSA

Watch the Bergen County Prevention Coalition PSA entitled The voices of Addiction of Bergen County. The video tells the stories of three people who live in Bergen County, New Jersey; a mom whose 21 year-old daughter passed away after overdosing on heroin, a young man incarcerated in the Bergen County jail who was a high school track star and began using painkillers when he broke his arm in several places, and a young woman who began using heroin when she was 17 and is now in a recovery program. Their stories began similarly – drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana were fun things to do and not a big deal or anything that was of great concern. The link between early use and the use of pills and heroin are what followed with each story’s outcome different from the other; with death, incarceration, and recovery.


We welcome you to contact us for any type of services that you may need. We do our absolute best to deliver adequate resources to those who seek them. Please, do not hesitate to contact us using the text box below or through our direct warmline (201) 225-8848