Tree of Addiction Conference 2022

Chemsex, Disordered Eating & Intimate Partner Violence in LGBTQ Clients: How Limited and Non-inclusive Healthcare Undermine the Health of the Population This opening keynote will provide a context for understanding the limitations of healthcare and healthcare providers in delivering effective service to LGBTQ people. Drawing from the literature, consideration will be given


This social media campaign, “#KnowTheFacts" was created by teens for teens and educates about New Jersey's recreational marijuana law. Download the campaign toolkit for the post order, language, images, and hashtags.  We would love it if you tagged us in the posts so we can engage with you. This campaign was funded through the

March 2022 Cannabis Update

The legislative overview of the legalization of cannabis is that as of February 22nd, 2021 three bills were signed to law which were the legalization of cannabis, marijuana discrimination and other clarifying provisions. There are offenses for underage use. The first offense is a written warning and also includes parental notification due