This social media campaign, “#KnowTheFacts" was created by teens for teens and educates about New Jersey's recreational marijuana law. Download the campaign toolkit for the post order, language, images, and hashtags.  We would love it if you tagged us in the posts so we can engage with you. This campaign was funded through the

Truth Initiatives National Day of Action

Yesterday our Youth Tobacco Action Group Incorruptible.us went to another Bergen county school for the Truth Initiatives National Day of Action to #DitchJUUL. We went to New Milford High School to tell students that we don’t know the long-term effects of juuling, so let’s not have our youth be the guinea pigs. #DontTestOnHumans.

The Unity in the Community Event

The Coalition is tabling today at the Unity in the Community event at Overpeck County Park! We will be here until 4pm! Lots of awesome activities for the entire family, including yoga, tug of war, mad science show, awesome food, and more. Come say hi, take some cool giveaways, learn about the


We had an incredible week at the CADCA National Leadership Conference! Our team was honored to show other coalitions around the country what we have successfully been doing. We will be taking the new information we learned with us to our community to continue doing the great work that we all do. #CADCA#Prevention